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Project F

John Barber Building Design Ltd - Building Design Project F North Lincolnshire BungalowThis property is within a conservation area in a small North Lincolnshire market town. The original shop and living accommodation had been left vacant for many years and the property was condemned in an engineer's structural report.

Briefed by our client, we met the Conservation Officer on site and discussed various options which enabled us to prepare an initial scheme. As this is a prominent part of the town, we than had further meetings with our client, his project manager and the Council's Conservation and Planning Officers. This led to a final scheme for four high-quality dwellings in a courtyard setting.

The client was happy that we had met his initial brief to provide four dwellings in a design that preserved the character of the conservation area. The Conservation Officer made some good suggestions which we incorporated into the plans and he was particularly pleased with the final design.

The Planning Officer had good design as his main objective and, although fully supportive of the traditional appearance, would have been equally happy with a well-designed contemporary building.

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