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Sustainable Homes

John Barber Building Design Ltd - Sustainable HomesDuring the past 10 years there has been an increasing awareness of sustainable living and renewable energies. Phrases such as "eco-homes", "carbon neutral" and "green energy" have become more commonplace as various energy conserving ideas have moved into the mainstream.

In 2006 the government published the Code for Sustainable Homes which provides a number of options which reduce CO2 emissions. These range from using renewable energy and improvements in insulation to lifestyle choices such as recycling and providing cycle spaces. Any home not meeting the minimum standard (which includes most privately built homes before 2010) are considered as Level 0. There are 6 levels of compliance.

Revisions to the Building Regulations introduced from October 2010 ensures that all new homes have reduced emissions equivalent to Code Level 3. Further changes planned for 2013 will reduce emissions to Code Level 4 and there are plans for further changes in 2016 which could see all new homes meeting the highest Level 6 standards in terms of emissions.

Of course, to achieve an actual CSH rating there must be greater compliance with the code than reduced emissions. We designed our first sustainable home in 2005 (before the Code was introduced) and we have advised numerous clients on the various renewable energy options.

We can liaise between clients and Code Assessors to design homes for the future with reduced energy demands, lower carbon emissions and lower running costs.

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